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Each day we see the impact we make on the lives of children, adults and their families. In this News and Blog section, we will share some of what we see on a daily basis, showcase their accomplishments and highlight some of the challenges. Let us know if you have thoughts to share. We'd love to hear them!

Send me an email or give us a call at 317-375-2700. And please know how much we appreciate everything you do to support our mission of expanding opportunities and enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities and their families through individualized services.

Julia Huffman, Noble President and CEO

Dec 10

BLOG:   We Are Sharing Our Blessings

In this season of giving back to others, the people we serve in one of our small group day services is giving back to others.   • READ MORE
Dec 5

NEWS:   Sign Your Child Up for Handwriting Camp

Noble is offering a 6-week session of Handwriting Camp to begin in February.   • READ MORE
Dec 3

BLOG:   Share the Dream with Noble

What is your most cherished dream? To travel? Run a marathon? Earn a degree—or see your children earn theirs? Your dream is part of who you are—and your support will help us realize the dreams of those we serve.   • READ MORE
Dec 1

NEWS:   Recreational Therapy Boosts Many Skills

Recreational Therapy may look like "fun and games," but it promotes many important benefits for the people we serve.   • READ MORE
Nov 26

BLOG:   Thanks for Supporting Noble!

During this season of giving thanks for our many blessings, Noble would like to extend our sincere thanks to each of you for supporting Noble!   • READ MORE
Nov 10

BLOG:   Only 100 Tickets Left for Raising the Stakes for Noble!

We are just 100 tickets away from selling out for Raising the Stakes for Noble so grab your friends and get your tickets now!   • READ MORE
Nov 5

NEWS:   Public Comment Needed on Changes to Medicaid Waiver Transition Plans

New federal rule change offers opportunity for public comment on Indiana Medicaid Waiver Transition Plans.   • READ MORE
Oct 30

BLOG:   Gotten Your Tickets for Raising the Stakes Yet?

Raising the Stakes for Noble is less than 3 weeks away and it's a sure bet we will sell out again. Get your tickets today!   • READ MORE
Oct 23

NEWS:   VR Launches #Work4LifeIN

Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation is using social media to spread the word on how hiring individuals with disabilities benefits everyone.   • READ MORE
Oct 20

NEWS:   Federal Changes Coming to Employment of People with Disabilities

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act is bringing sweeping changes to the employment of people with disabilities--changes that align with Noble's philosophy.   • READ MORE
Oct 20

BLOG:   Hiring People with Disabilities Makes Good Business Sense

There are so many reasons why you should hire people with disabilities through Noble's Community Employment. Here are just a few.   • READ MORE
Oct 6

NEWS:   Project SEARCH Invites You to Open House

Come see how high school students with disabilities are gaining the skills they need to transition from the classroom to the workforce at our Project SEARCH Open House at St.Vincent Carmel Hospital.   • READ MORE
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