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Join Us for A Noble Opportunity
The Faces of Noble
A Noble Opportunity
Community Employment
Noble's Giving Sum Garden
Community Employment Featured on United Way 2012 Simulcast
Walking on Sunshine
Noble of Indiana and DAS Landscape and Garden Club Create Sensory Garden for Adults with Autism
Randy Griffin: A Life Transformed
Noble Works For You
Noble Works for Our Community
Join Us for A Noble Opportunity8:07 The Faces of Noble3:51 Succeed3:17 A Noble Opportunity8:32 Community Employment Noble's Giving Sum Garden   Community Employment Featured on United Way 2012 Simulcast Walking on Sunshine Noble of Indiana and DAS Landscape and Garden Club Create Sensory Garden for Adults with Autism3:01 Randy Griffin: A Life Transformed2:38 Noble Works For You5:42 Noble Works for Our Community5:40 


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Apr 11

BLOG:   Reis-Nichols Partners with Noble for Autism Awareness

Noble is proud to partner with Reis-Nichols to promote Autism Awareness!   • READ MORE
Apr 7

BLOG:   Vote Noble in Best of Indy Competition

Nominate Noble Evening in the Garden or Raising the Stakes for Noble as NUVO's Best Charitable Event in Indy contest!   • READ MORE
Apr 7

NEWS:   People with Autism Make Incredible Impact in Workforce

People with autism have many gifts, but their skills are often overlooked in the workforce. Watch this video on how companies are tapping into this valuable labor pool.   • READ MORE
Apr 1

BLOG:   Autism Diagnosis Rate Jumps 30% from 2012

The Centers for Disease Control Announce that 1 out of 68 children are being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.   • READ MORE


Just like you, the people served by Noble have dreams, goals and aspirations. They value the same things you do. They want to learn in the classroom with their peers, work in our community, give back through volunteer work, have a good time at concerts and sporting events, and enjoy themselves with family and friends. Learn more about a few of their success stories here!

The music in this spot is done by Liz Fohl, a songwriter born and raised here in Indianapolis. Liz is very close with her uncle, Steve, who has Down Syndrome and is served by Noble. He loves it and talks about it all the time! Liz currently lives in LA and does commercial music for a living, as well as playing at a dueling piano bar and working on her originals. For updates, visit her and listen to her work as a jingle writer.

For more information on our services, contact us or call 317-375-2700.



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