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Services for People with ASD-Autism Spectrum DisorderNoble Is Now Providing ABA Therapy Through Our New Autism & Therapy Services. Sign Up Your Child Today!

Noble has always served people with autism — approximately 70% of the kids in our summer camps have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Today, over 1 million Americans live with ASD, it's four times more common in boys than girls, and it affects 1 in 55 Hoosier births. Diagnosis has increased 600% over the past 20 years, which may be due to differences in definition, increased awareness, better education of physicians and improved earlier diagnosis.

Unsure whether your child may have autism? Use this Checklist to determine whether your child may need a further assessment.

And if your child does have autism, contact us today. Noble's Autism & Therapy Services offers a comprehensive, individualized approach that focuses on the needs of your child, their skill development and how your family plays a significant role in supporting your child's success.

ABA (applied behavior analysis) therapy is one component of this new service. This scientific approach to understanding behavior and how it is affected by the environment is particularly effective in working with children on the autism spectrum.

Our comprehensive therapies are provided in the home, at school and at Noble's Broad Ripple location (6060 N. College Ave.).

Noble’s Autism & Therapy Services are designed to help children:

  • Increase skills in language, play and socialization.
  • Decrease behaviors that interfere with learning and daily functioning.
  • Reduce or eliminate repetitive or self-injurious behaviors.
  • Increase attention span.
  • Improve adaptive skills and increase independence.
  • Assist in developing interactive and enjoyable family relationships.
  • Transition these new skills into all areas of their lives.

To complement our Autism & Therapy Services, we also offer:


For more information on our services, contact us or call 317-375-2700.

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